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Developers of Android devices are not grant complete rights to users. So, even if you are the owner of your phone, you cannot do everything on it with the Android Operating System. But Kingroot Apk root process will make you admin of your phone and allowing you to do anything without any limitations. With this rooting app you can change appearance, install and uninstall any app as you want. Therefore, people do not require to purchase a new phone to get additional features, flexibility, and convenience in latest versions. At the same time, the rooted phone can install millions of apps to maximize your phone functions.

So, if you want to root your device, read this article thoroughly to learn how to root Android 11 with Kingroot Apk Software.

About Kingroot Apk:

Kingroot Apk Android 11 is a single-click root app, when you installed on your Android device will assist you root it in minutes. Kingroot Apk is such a mobile app that will allow you to effortlessly root your smartphone with a one click. And once your phone is rooted, you will have an easy access to all aspects of your phone’s administration tool and functions.

The latest version of Kingroot Apk app is properly working with all Android versions, and will not cause any problem when rooting the device. This app is entirely safe or secure and won’t harm your smartphone in any way. As long as your device is compatible with the most recent KingRoot apk. For this task, you don’t need a computer or a PC.

After using KingRoot to root your Android device, you will be able to maximize the abilities of your device and make certain changes in the system that may eventually enable you to uncover the true potential.

Basic Information About Kingroot Apk:

App Name Kingroot Apk
Current Version 5.4.0
Developer Kingroot studio
Size 11 MB
Requirements Android 4.4 & up
Last Updated Sep 27th, 2023
Price Free

Benefits Of Rooting Android 11 With Kingroot Apk:

There are many benefits of rooting Android 11 with this Kingroot Apk. Below, we have mention some benefits that will assist you make the most out of your smartphone device

  • Simple user interface:

Because each step in the rooting process is guided, KingRoot is an application that is simple to use. In just a few minutes, you’ll have your smartphone rooted!

  • Eliminate Bloatware

Bloatware are preinstalled app on Android device by the phone manufacturer. It provide additional support but you are not able to uninstall it even if you don’t want to use this app. But, if you have got your device rooted with Kingroot Apk, you can effortlessly remove bloatware app by granting root access to any file manager app.

  • Save Battery

Smartphone have super-fast processors and CPU that can quickly drain the battery. But, with Kingroot Apk you can easily download battery-saving apps. Once granted permissions will assist you in minimizing your phone’s battery consumption and allowing it to run longer on a single charge.

  • Restrict Ads

Ads are annoying and have negative impact on the usability of the app. Particularly, the popup ads that show in the middle of the screen while using the app. But with Kingroot Apk app, you gain access that allows you to download ad-blocking apps. Not only the browser and websites but also ads can be prevented from the apps too.

  • Flash Custom ROMs

Android allows you to install the upgraded version of the operating system, which is called ROM. But you need bootloader to access it. You can get it on your phone only by Kingroot Apk.

  • Infinite data replication

When you transfer to a new Android phone or perform a master reset on your old phone you may lose your data, such as contacts, emails, images, and apps. With KingRoot, you may recover all of your prior data and reinstall your old programs.

  • Enhance Speed and Performance

This rooting app allows you to install third-party and memory optimizing apps. Through which you can improve the speed and performance of your Android.

  • Improved Functionality

The best option to get access is to root your Android device with Kingroot Apk and then utilize third-party apps to customize the user interface including the animations, which were previously not available. This might assist you in obtaining an entirely new appearance.

Method to download Kingroot Apk app for Android 11:

Requirement to Root device:

If you are prepared to root your Android device, make sure it has a 50% battery charge and an Internet connection. If the prerequisite is met, proceed to the methods below to root your phone.

Step 1: Enable Security option

Open the Settings in your phone and enable Security option.

Step 2: Enable Device Administration

Now, enable Device Administration.

Step 3: Click on unknown source

After that, click on unknown sources option.

Step 4: Download Kingroot Apk

Download Kingroot Apk app from here for the latest version.

Step 5: Open the app

Once the download is completed, then install and open the app.

Step 6: Click on ‘try to root’

Only click on ‘try to root’ option. It will take some time, so wait for a while.

Step 7: Receive a notification.

When the phone is rooted, you will receive a notification.


Kingroot Apk app is a free-to-use tool, without any additional charges or in-app purchases. That’s why, I recommend you to install Kingroot apk app on Android 11. By using this app, you can easily root your device in less than a minute. This app is mobile dependent, so no computer is required. If you face any issue, you can unroot the phone again.

Frequently Asked Questions About Kingroot Apk:

Q 1. Why am I unable to install KingRoot Apk?

KingRoot installation issues can arise because of limited storage, a slow network connection, or incompatibility with your Android smartphone. So, check the requirements to ensure that Kingroot Apk app is compatible with your phone.

Q 2. How big a file does KingRoot have?

KingRoot uses about 4.3 MB of space.

Q 3. What language does KingRoot support?

KingRoot supports isiZulu, 中文, Yorùbá, and more languages.

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