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Ministers College Brawl Apk is a beat-them-up game for teenagers in which you have to fight to get through many levels. During your adventure, you will fight against gangs of girls, manage your health, and even have intimate relationships with them. It is a challenging and entertaining game about finding your friends’ stolen things as you move through different levels. Where you face many challenges and develop a great strategy to defeat your opponent.

If you enjoy old arcade beat ’em ups then Ministers College Brawl Apk is the best game for you. You can easily download this game from this site.

Explore Ministers College Brawl Apk:

In Ministers College Brawl Apk, you play the role of Ken, a college student trying to help a friend in trouble. You must walk across various campuses while fighting against red cats who are tricky girls in your path. At the start of the game, you only have basic fighting skills and limited resources. As you go through the game, collect battle awards and these can be spent on character and weapon improvements.

The tribe you face is a group of fighters and they know how to interact with the people so you have to be very cautious when you start your task. To give them a hard time, you have to show your fighting skills to the best of your ability and keep growing your skills. You will also need to upgrade your weapons constantly if you want to fight with more confidence and thrill.

The game encourages you to utilize your wits on every step because, without a proper game plan, you cannot confront the gangs that are against you. It is a 3D graphics game with incredible possibilities to discover that will enhance your gaming experience.

There are numerous infinite war games available. During a battle, pay attention to the HP and SP bars on the screen. If you complete the mission successfully, you will receive a bonus and be allowed to go to the next game challenge.

It is an amazing entertainment, action, and war game that allows you to build a virtual character from your living room sitting on a chair. All features, amazing user interface, graphics, images, and animations will steal everyone’s heart.

Features of Ministers College Brawl Apk

  • Scary boss encounter

The owners of Red Cat Group engage in a deadly battle to the death in video games. Because such encounters are more difficult than typical encounters, they require more advanced strategy and skill. So, you have to pay special attention to your strategy to counter their clever tricks. The primary battles offer spice and difficulty, allowing the participants to have fun.

  • Manage your income and well-being

In Ministers College Brawl Apk, each opponent’s attack reduces your hero’s energy. So check it out and use the tools to re-energize yourself. Remember that resources such as equipment and weapons are limited, so use them wisely to defeat your enemies. The trick is to win all of the prizes and fight until you successfully defeat the Cat gang and become the college’s protector.

  • Unlimited AI

The infinite AI function is another helpful feature that you will obtain by playing this game. This game contains a movement release feature in which your character releases hits with AI points. Each time you use a move, it uses the AI points you have, so you won’t be able to show your critical moves, however, this version of Ministers College Brawl Apk includes an infinite AI function.

  • Strengthen your personality during the game

When you fight opponents, they drop things like chicken, apples, and seafood, which reduces your energy and forces you to fight for an extended period. For example, eating fish provides 1 HP, while eating an apple gives both HP and KI power. While destroyed opponents can drop food, money, and unique items. You should use it to strengthen your personality. This way you can win the battle and become the winner.

  • Unlock all levels

The original version allows you to unlock the level only after completing each level. However, if you use the modified version of Ministers College Brawl, then all the levels will open immediately and you can choose the level you want to play.

  • No ads

If you play the original version, you will be irritated by ads that will interrupt your gameplay and will annoy you. However, the Ministers College Brawl Apk App has an ad-free feature that helps you to remove ads from the game.

Method to download and install the Ministers College Brawl Apk:

Follow the given below steps to install the Ministers College Brawl Apk;

Step 1: Open the setting section

Firstly, you need to download and install the Apk. For this open setting section in your mobile.

Step 2: Security option

Now, click on the Security option.

Step 3: Choose Unknown Sources

After that choose Unknown Sources.

Step 4: Open security settings

Now open the security settings of your phone by going to the settings menu.

Step 5: Click on the Install option

Click on the Install option from Unknown Sources.

Step 6: Double-click on the Apk file.

Using a file browser, navigate to your download folder. To begin the installation, double-click the APK file.

Step 7: Click on the “Open” option.

Click on the “Open” option, after the installation process,


Ministers College Brawl Apk is a thrilling game for teenagers. This game also offers many amazing features like an infinite AI function. This version also allows players to unlock all levels and remove ads, making it ad-free. If you want to download this game, then follow the above steps.

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